Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday, while visiting with my friend Sarah, she asked what the term heirloom means. It didn't occur to me that not everyone is familiar with it. According to Wikipedia: An heirloom plant, heirloom variety, or (especially in the UK) heirloom vegetable is a cultivar that was commonly grown during earlier periods in human history, but which is not used in modern large-scale agriculture. Many heirloom vegetables have kept their traits through open pollination, while fruit varieties such as apples have been propagated over the centuries through grafts and cuttings. The trend of growing heirloom plants in gardens has been growing in popularity in the United States and Europe over the last decade.


  1. Okay, not only do you write fantasically, but you also take really, really eye-catching photos. Snoochie Boochie, I love this blog :)

  2. I think you just like the palm trees.

  3. Mmm... I love heirloom tomatoes! :)