Wednesday, May 5, 2010

fresh start

Chicks. They are harder to raise than dogs. After getting two baby chicks I got a third.(just in case) The day that I got my third, one of my originals died. The third chick I got ended up a victim to the first who is now believed to be a rooster.
Tilly and Poppy both passed and Simi got returned due to Portland having a no rooster policy. I now have Ruby, Georgia and Daisy. I've now had the 3 of them for over a week and they are growing happily and not killing each other.
My heart was broken for a few days or a week but I owe it to the gals and myself to be a good chick mom. They are loving the warm box inside of our house right now. Soon, they will have enough feathers to move outside to their chicken mansion.

1 comment:

  1. They. Are. So. Freaking. Cute.

    Normally I'd be salivating about eating them - I am a dog after all - but I think I would just play with them, maybe cuddle a little, let them jump on my back or watch them do their baby-chick thing.