Monday, June 7, 2010

beneficial nematodes

I am the proud new mother of nematodes. If you look at the photo carefully you will see there are wholes in my cabbage leaves from cabbage worm. They are a common pest that I don't like. While you can pull them off of your cabbages one at a time, I prefer to get my little friends to help. I purchased nematodes at an organic nursery by my house and plan on adding them to my soil tomorrow. They are microscopic bugs that prey on other bugs but not produce and not earth worms. There are a few different applications for getting them into your dirt. You can add as many as your would like to your soil to do all of your dirty work. You can't see them and they wont harm you. They will eat things like cutter worms, fleas, maggots and termites. For $25, you can kill over 2000sq ft of pests.


  1. can these be ordered online?
    ps. I have one last trip this coming weekend and then we should officially plan a visit to portland to come visit you guys! xol

  2. You can order them online! You can google beneficial nematodes and a billion websites pop up.

    I really hope you can come down to PDX soon!